Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swirl Earrings

Gorgeous browns - perfect for fall.

Sterling silver hoop earrings measuring 28mm are carefully wrapped with sterling silver wire. The wire secures six 4mm faceted smoky quartz beads along with a 12mmx2cm brown glazed swirl embossed ceramic drop to each hoop.

The earrings are oxidized to a brown color instead of black to accent the brown in the ceramic drops.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pin-Up Girl Silhouette 2/20

This etching took a lot of thought and planning. It was done for a group collection with the theme of "The Nude" and spent time hanging on the wall in a gallery show. The silhouetted nude with the floral background took on a 70s Bond Girl appeal.

This is a limited edition print, printed by hand by me. I drew the design onto a copper plate, etched the metal in acid, cleaned the plate up and then decided on the ink I wanted to use. I chose a super soft, extremely high quality Charbonnel Etching Ink in sepia printed on Rives BFK white printmaking paper with hand torn edges.

I hand colored the etching using a warm chocolaty brown under black watercolor for the silhouette and to add a bit of "pop" I filled in a few of the background flowers with bright pink and yellow.

The etching is matted using bright white acid-free mat board with a linen finish using archival matting tape. The mat is done in a hinge style (front and backing) and is ready for a frame!

The print itself measures 5.5''x7.5''.
The mat measures 7''x9'' with a 3.5''x4.5'' opening.

The print is signed, dated, and numbers 2/20.

I only have two of these to sell - the rest have found homes!


Monoprint Triptych Card One

Signed and dated...

A handmade 7''x5'' card and envelope set. The card is blank inside. With three (3) 1''x2.25'' rectangular monoprints are mounted in the center of the card. They are printed on BFK Rives white printmaking paper with black ink and mounted with an acid-free archival adhesive.

This card is completely one of a kind - monoprint means "one print". No two can ever be the same because of the printing technique.

This card is meant to be more than just a card - it's a perfect little piece of artwork ready to be matted, framed, and hung on the wall.



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spots Earrings in Sterling Silver

These earrings are a new favorite of mine... Feminine yet funky. The rose quartz marquise briolettes are amazing!

Organic circles are cut from 20 gauge sterling silver sheet and textured with circular spots. The circles measure 5/8'' and are oxidized and steel wool finished to bring out the metal's pattern. Clear and bright 5x10mm faceted marquise briolette beads hang from the bottom of the circles.

The earrings measure 1.5'' from the top of the ear wires and come with clear hypoallergenic ear wire guards so you don't have to worry about losing one of your new treasures.

* I used the term "organic circles" to describe the fact that the circles are not perfectly round. That was a bit too stuffy for my vision for these earrings.



Pen Nib Earrings with Iolite Ink Drops

These earrings are part of a collection called "The Writer". The collection is a work in progress and is based on the theme of writing.

A pen nib design is etched into brass rectangles and is accented with black and teal ink that is made for metal (which acted as the acid resist while etching). The metal is sealed with wax to protect the finish. A 4mm faceted iolite "ink drop" hangs from the tip of each pen nib.

The pen nibs measure 0.35''x1.25'' and hang from sterling silver ear wires. The earrings measure 2'' from the top of the ear wires and include a pair of hypoallergenic ear wire guards.



Gear Ring in Sterling Silver

This ring isn't for the faint of heart. It's edgy and bold.

This ring was made by utilizing the technique of lost wax casting. I carved the gear shape from a block of wax by hand and smoothed the sides with sandpaper. I attached the sprue, built the wax tree, mixed and poured the investment, and kiln fired the piece myself. Once the wax model was melted away and the investment was properly cured I used a casting torch and a centrifugal casting machine to force molten sterling silver into the empty cavity inside the investment. Centrifugal casting uses a spinning action and gravity to get a clean fill in the investment.

I cleaned the investment away and cleaned the ring. Then I finished the ring with a matte finishing using a 3M satin finishing buff on a polishing machine. The buff gives a super smooth matte finish.

The ring is heavy - but not overly so and the band is 1cm wide (3/8''). The grooves that make up the gear shape make the ring super comfortable to wear, your fingers rest between them.

Size 7